How To Spike A Tire – Step 3

Now theoretically all our holes are drilled in our tire and now we need some spikes to be inserted into each hole. These are the screws that work best in my experience:


They are #7 x 7/16″ Metal Framing Screws. They have a drill point so they can be used without a pre-drilled hole in sheet metal. They have a pan head and take a phillips screw bit. I bought mine at my local “big box” hardware/lumber store. Before you start trying to stick these little guys into your tire you should turn the tire inside out.


Then stick a bunch of screws into the holes you drilled and then screw them in the rest of the way with a drill or screw gun that has a phillips head tip on it. Repeat endlessly until your arm is tired from holding the drill. Eventually you will get all the screws snug in their proper holes. I highly recommend using a drill or screw gun to thread the screws in as it would take a very long time to twist them all in by hand.


When you have the screws in place they should look something like this:


Turn the tire right side out. The challenge here is to do it without drawing blood. Then the tire should look like this:


You are almost done. Only one final crucial step remains. Don’t try and mount these on your bike just yet.

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